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Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Editor, Storyteller & Beyond

Andrew R. Jimenez is a film director, editor, cinematographer, voice actor, writer/poet, former professional athlete, Santa Paula High School, San Diego City College and CSU Bakersfield alumnus, author of the successful series Loved by Day-Misunderstood by Night, as well as founder/president of Jimenez Films and New Decade Productions, he is a man of many attributes.

Andrew is best known for his all-around film work with NFL Films, L.A. Angels, FOX/CBS, L.A. Lakers, L.A. Clippers, Showtime Sports, ESPN+, Paramount+, Twitch, Cal South Soccer, and much more. He enjoys capturing the US Youth Soccer National Championships, as well as being a cinematographer/editor at all major sporting events and assisting on film sets, concerts, corporate events and television shows such as: All Access Boxing, Snapped, Inside the NFL, A Football Life, Hard Knocks: Training Camp with The Oakland Raiders, All or Nothing, NFL Films Presents, NFL Top 10, NFL Gameday Morning and The Timeline.
Andrew is also known for his poetry books: Loved by Day-Misunderstood by Night Vol.1, Vol.2, and Vol.2 Deluxe Edition, and his films: A Martyr's Final Endeavor: Everything or Nothing Part 1, A Martyr's Final Endeavor: Everything or Nothing Part 2, 6th Floor, as well as The Secret World of Doctor J, where he received many positive reviews and several awards. Moreover, his poems and films have been featured within numerous of newspapers, establishments, movies, magazines, radio and television shows throughout the globe, including the summer 2015 edition of Student Filmmakers Magazine (Community Spotlight), Ventura County Star, San Diego City Times, Santa Paula Times, Oxnard Public Library and the California State University, Bakersfield Walter W. Stiern Library for all of his accomplishments and success thus far in the literature and film industry.

Even though Andrew (Jimenez Films/New Decade Productions) has a strong background in sports filmmaking/cinematography, his experience and expertise cover a wide range of other categories such as: education, commercials, seminars/workshops, documentaries, video games, branding, legal depositions, journalism, music videos, short/feature length films and more. Additionally, Andrew was Vice President of the Creative Writers Club and Film Society at SDCC and in the fall of 2017, Andrew was inducted into the San Diego City College Radio, TV and Film Department Wall of Fame. Lastly, his electrifying new film The Oxnard EDD Shooting Massacre, which is based on true events is set for release in 2024, along with his newest book Loved by Day-Misunderstood by Night Vol.3: Entering The Real World coming in 2026







Mini Series





FIFA Independent Summit 2018

Championship Profiles

[Cal South Soccer]:

*Outstanding Sports Mini Series

*Outstanding Editing and Cinematography

*Best Director and Voice Over/Narrating


Student Filmmakers Awards 2016

The Secret World of Doctor J

[SD City College]:

*Best Film

*Outstanding Screenplay

Sports Emmy Awards 2018

Hard Knocks - Training Camp With The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

[HBO/NFL Films]: 


*Outstanding Serialized Sports Documentary

*Outstanding Trans-Media Sports Coverage

*Outstanding Post-Production (Editing)

NFL Films Presents FS1

[HBO/NFL Films]:


*Outstanding Sports News Anthology

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